Top Epic Series on Netflix to Binge-Watch Right Now

Remember when we used to visit cinemas and look at the options we had, to enjoy for the next 2 to 3 hours? How entertaining and life-gifting an experience it was, especially over the weekends. We were overwhelmed by the variety of shows. Comedy, drama, documentary, fantasy, animation, and more; we sometimes used to wait for our favorite movie. But now, when we have hundreds of options right on our screens, we are confused about what to watch? We read the reviews and then sometimes wonder, ‘is it worth watching?’

Well, that’s a totally natural thing. While scrolling through the options on Netflix, the options seem endless. New releases, trending, popular watches, all mixed up, and we end up scrolling and scrolling. What should the ideal situation be? It is, you have a movie in mind, and as soon as you log into Netflix, you type, and here you go! Ta-da!


To make it easier, we have brought a movie recommendations app for you. It is FAYVO. With the app, you can find the best relevant epic shows on Netflix. Also, it lets you build a community with like-minded people. You can save, create your own watch list and share your favorite movies with your friends.

Other than the app, we have tried to help you out with the list of epic series on Netflix. So, let’s get into those best epic series on Netflix, so you know exactly what you want to start bingeing without wasting time scrolling around.



‘You’ is getting all the hype these days. It has returned for a third-pandemic delayed season. The series has a new character in the third season, casting Penn Badgley’s obsessive Joe Goldberg as a father as he settles down with dangerous partner Love in the suburbs. There’s a twist, and you’ll be biting your nails when you find it yourself. ‘You’ is the perfect watch when you want to watch a knotty, heavy-twisted, and outrageous show. The characters in the series keep you engaged with every beat. Binge-watch it, and you’ll love it.



This epic Netflix series might mislead you as the word ‘Lupin’ literally means ‘a wolf.’ It is not a vampire story or anything fictional. In fact, this French series uses the thief character Arsène Lupin as a point of inspiration for its leading role. The story is around a man whose father was falsely alleged for stealing a valuable necklace. Omar Sy plays Assane Diop, the son of a Senegalese immigrant – the person who got accused and imprisoned for theft. Actually, the necklace was not stolen, but his powerful employer made it disappear. Decades after the hero’s father commits suicide, Assane plots revenge on the employer’s family. He makes a plan using ‘gentleman thief’ skills inspired by the Lupin character.  


Squid Game

It is the trending Korean drama streaming on Netflix and getting popular for various reasons. It has taken the world by storm and become the first Korean drama to reach the top spot on Netflix in the US. The series is about a group of people who are in debt and want to get rid of it. For this, a secret agency calls them individually and gives them a chance to win a hefty amount of money to pay back their loans. They make all the participants play children’s games. However, little do they know that these games come with the price of their lives. The series has a lot of deadly twists and shows bloodshed and different selfish stories about the people who want to win. There’s only one player who’ll survive and get all the money. Once you start watching Squid Game, you cannot stop yourself from watching the complete season in one go.


The Wire

The story is about a crime and criminal who makes the drug trade in the city. A team of police, along with other detectives, are assigned to find him and bring him down. The Wire is a series that has the political part and emotional touch as well. It has complex plots but also covers the heart-wrenching interpersonal drama. The Wire has got reviews from the audience about being the most intricate TV series ever made. If you love watching Game of Thrones, you’d love it too.


The Umbrella Academy

The show covers the story of seven kids. They all were born on the same day, and amazingly to those mothers who didn’t even know they were pregnant. All of those seven kids are adopted by a mysterious billionaire. He then trains them to use their supernatural abilities to fight against evil in the world. The time goes on, and when they grow up, their out-of-the-norm upbringing catches them up, and they struggle to live a normal life. It is one of the best epic series on Netflix. Binge-watch this series, and you’ll love every bit of it.

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